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Public Health (23-09-2014)

“My healthy family”: Project to promote the consumption of fruit and vegetables launches in 4 EU regions

Today, an EU-financed pilot project, My healthy family is officially being launched in two regions each in Poland and Hungary*. This European initiative aims to encourage children, older people and pregnant women to eat more fruit and vegetables.
The project puts the family at the centre of its activities as food is very much a social activity and the family is often the birth place of healthy habits.

The idea is to get people to truly enjoy the tastes, textures and colours of fresh fruit and vegetables. This will be done by distributing FREE fruit and vegetables and, with the help of well-known chefs, by providing recipes and cooking lessons (alongside information on the nutritional value of food).

More than 20 000 people are expected to take part, the equivalent of several thousand households. Particular attention will be given to vulnerable population groups in those regions.

Key messages of My Healthy family are that fruit and vegetables are good for you, tasty, easy to prepare, and not expensive especially if bought in season.

The initiative will be monitored and evaluated. The aim is to identify good practices that can be used to replicate the project in other European cities or regions and to improve future policy action in this area.

(*) The four regions are Észak-Alföld and Észak-Magyarország (Hungary), Kujawsko-Pomorskie and Podkarpackie (Poland).
Launch events are taking place on 23rd September in
• Debrecen and Miskolc (Hungary)
• Toruń and Rzeszów (Poland)

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