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Public Health (17-09-2014)

“We Love Eating”: Project to promote healthy lifestyles launches in 7 EU cities

Today, an EU-financed pilot project, We Love Eating is officially being launched in seven cities* across the EU. This European initiative, coordinated by P.A.U. Education, takes a fun and upbeat approach to healthy eating. Celebrations in each city will feature positive messages about healthy eating and fun activities for all ages.

Although aimed at the general public, the project is targeted to three main groups: children, pregnant women and older people. These are key life stages where good nutrition is particularly important.

We Love Eating encourages conscious eating and focusing on the pleasure food brings through tools such as games, recipes, leaflets, posters and the website. It also promotes more physical activity in daily life, offering realistic ways to adopt a healthier and more active lifestyle.

The initiative will be monitored and evaluated. The aim is to identify good practices that can be used to replicate the project in other European cities or regions and to improve future policy action in this area.

(*) The seven cities are:

  • Banská Bystrica ( Slovakia)
  • Bradford (United Kingdom)
  • Cluj-Napoca ( Romania)
  • Deventer (The Netherlands)
  • Granollers ( Spain)
  • Poznán ( Poland) Roncq (France)

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