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Food and Feed Safety (15-04-2005)

BT10: Commission Requires Certification ff US Exports To Stop Unauthorised GMO Entering the EU

The Member States today voted in favour of a Commission proposal to adopt an emergency measure requiring imports of corn gluten feed and brewers grain from the USA to be certified as free of the unauthorised GMO Bt10, as these are the imported products considered most likely to be contaminated. The emergency measure specifies that consignments of corn gluten feed and brewers grain from the USA can only be placed on the EU market if they are accompanied by an analytical report by an accredited laboratory which demonstrates, based on a suitable and validated method, that the product does not contain Bt10.

EU Member States are responsible for controlling the imports entering each EU country, preventing any contaminated consignments from being placed on the market and for random sampling and analysis of products already on the market. Business operators importing feed from the USA are responsible for ensuring that they are certified as free of Bt10, in accordance with the principle in EU food law that operators are responsible for the safety of the food or feed that they place on the market.

For full press release, see: IP/05/437