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Public Health (17-06-2014)

Second conference on frailty in old age opens tomorrow

The conference "Frailty in old age: identifying priorities for an EU policy", organised by the European Commission, opens tomorrow in Brussels. By bringing together policy makers, healthcare organisations, public health professionals, researchers and patient organisations, the aim is to build on conclusions from the first conference on the topic held last year, and finalise recommendations and guidelines for building a European policy on frailty.

A roadmap for a public health policy on frailty, an integrated approach to prevention of frailty, and building national policies will be addressed in three plenary sessions. In addition, a series of workshops will take an in depth look at screening for frailty, preserving our independence as we age and clinical risk factors such as cognitive decline. The conference will conclude with "The way ahead: EU policy guidelines on frailty."

The European Commission is responding to the challenge of an ageing population with an ambitious initiative: the Innovation Partnership on Active & Healthy Ageing. A key action identified by the partnership is the prevention, of functional decline and frailty, adding to the other two pillars - care and cure, and active ageing and independent living.