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Animal Health and Welfare (11-03-2014)

European Commission announces Conference for Better Bee Health

On 7 th April, in Brussels, European Commissioner for Health, Tonio Borg, will open a conference which will present numerous strands of work across the EU in response to concerns in recent years for bee health and bee colony losses. The conference will present recent developments for better bee health, on EU apiculture funds, examples of projects for healthy and abundant bees (including wild bees), for good beekeeping, agricultural production and bee-related biodiversity. The conference aims to promote dialogue, knowledge transfer and a joined-up approach in the policy-science-practice triangle, at EU, national and local level and between the various disciplines, in recognition of the causes behind colony losses. The conference will also see the first presentation of a landmark pan-European study carried out to assess the real state of bee health across the EU.

The conference will to be of interest to wide range of people from the apiculture sector and the animal health area (policy experts from Member States, representatives from beekeeping organisations, NGOs, and individual beekeepers). It will also be important for bee and pollination scientists and researchers, designers and beneficiaries of rural development programmes, managers of agri-environment measures, farmers, landowners, producers and users of pesticides (plant protection products) and those interested in bee-related biodiversity projects.

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