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Public Health (11-03-2014)

Kick-off meeting of the Comprehensive Cancer Control Joint Action (CANCON), Luxembourg, 11-13 March 2014

The Comprehensive Cancer Control Joint Action (CANCON) 2014-2016, starts its work today at a kick-off meeting in Luxembourg. Following in the steps of the European Partnership on Action Against Cancer (EPAAC) joint action, CANCON aims to further the goal of reducing cancer incidence by 15% by 2020 through a two-pronged approach:

1) by identifying key elements and quality standards for comprehensive cancer control in Europe and preparing an evidence-based European guide on quality improvement in comprehensive cancer control; and

2) by facilitating cooperation and exchange of best practice between EU countries, to identify and define key elements to ensure optimal, comprehensive cancer care.

With these goals in mind, the meeting will gather work package 1 leaders, associated and collaborating partners and Member State representatives to discuss the overall aims, rules and processes of the Joint Action, identify and prioritise topics, and build up a position paper. Practical issues such as the management structure and meeting schedules will also be discussed.

More information on EU action to address cancer:

1 CANCON consists of nine work packages, including on screening, survivorship and rehabilitation, community-level cancer care and dissemination.