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Consumers (17-02-2014)

ECC Net publishes report on chargeback

The European Consumer Centres Network, ECC-Net, published today a report "Chargeback in the EU/EEA - A solution to get your money back when a trader does not respect your consumer rights." The Report has mapped the consumer rights and the alternatives in the EU/EEA-countries regarding the right to be reimbursed from the card issuing bank through a chargeback procedure.

In all the Member States, consumers have a right to refund in the event of non-authorized payment, but they are obliged to take all reasonable steps to keep personalized security features safe. When consumers have purchased goods with a credit card, in most countries/situations, they will have a right to be reimbursed if the trader does not respect their consumer rights. Some of the reasons to turn to the bank for reimbursement are when the trader doesn’t respect the consumers’ rights of withdrawal or cancellation of the contract, if the trader has gone bankrupt, or in cases of non-authorized transaction.

According to the report most countries have a similar procedure for consumers to claim chargeback. Alternative Dispute Resolution/mediation bodies established in particular countries handle such disputes.