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Public Health (11-12-2013)

Commission convenes high-level conference to take stock on anti-microbial resistance in Europe

A conference organised by the European Commission on the European antimicrobial resistance (AMR) five year action plan and its future challenges is taking place in Brussels on 11 December 2013. The conference provides a platform to discuss this action plan at the mid-stage of its implementation, looking at the issue both from a human health and veterinary perspective. Against the background of the rising threats from antimicrobial resistance, discussions will focus on future challenges and the drivers and possible limitations of the plan to reduce the rising threat of AMR. This conference brings together, for the first time, high level experts at EU level from both the human and veterinary sectors to discuss the cumulative effect of the use of antimicrobials. Representatives from EU Member States, International Organisations, European stakeholders associations and non-EU countries have also been invited. This conference is organised following the 2012 European Parliament "Report on the Microbial Challenge – Rising threats from Antimicrobial Resistance", which called on the Commission to publish a progress report on the actions taken so far. The conference conclusions will be incorporated into this progress report foreseen for publication early 2014.

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