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Other Issues (23-12-2005)

Tips for a happy and healthy Christmas!

Christmas is back again. And 2006 is just around the corner Time to celebrate! Relax and enjoy yourself… but do not forget the basics for some healthy relaxation.
All along 2005 the Commission’s Health and Consumer Protection Directorate-General has continued its work for healthier safer and more confident EU citizens.
In this high selling season, pay particular attention to doorstep vendors and promotions of any kind. Check out our short guide on how EU law helps protect consumers. This is available in 20 languages and can be found on
Remember Food hygiene at home is key. Store  foods such as dairy products, meat and fish in a refrigerator, separating out raw meat from other foods, and use different knives and chopping boards. Make sure food is piping hot before service, but do not cook, roast or fry it beyond what is needed, don’t re-heat frozen dishes more than once and be careful with those Christmas leftovers – always keep them refrigerated,   or throw them away.
Finally, eat and drink well at Christmas and New Year’s Eve – that is part of the pleasures of life! But   juicy fruit and vegetables can and should be at the Christmas dinner table. Choose quality rather than quantity when drinking and do not drink and drive.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!