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Public Health (09-09-2013)

This weekend, the 'Quit Smoking with Barça' campaign picked up the 2013 ELF award in recognition for its contribution to improving lung health. The award was presented at the European Respiratory Society's annual Congress which gathers around 20 000 healthcare professionals to discuss the latest advances in respiratory medicine.

"Quit Smoking with Barça" was launched in December 2012 to build on the success of the European Commission's "Ex-smokers are Unstoppable" programme. The result of this unique partnership between one of the world’s most prestigious sports clubs and a European institution, is thousands more smokers in the EU getting help to kick the habit forever.

"Quit Smoking with Barça" offers supporters of Football Club Barcelona and sport in general, a personalised health training programme with daily quit smoking tips and encouragement direct from the hearts and mouths of the club itself. To date, more than 73 000 people across Europe have registered to become ex-smokers with the Barça campaign and nearly 400 000 are trying to quit with the wider 'Ex-smokers are Unstoppable' campaign.

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