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Animal Health and Welfare (04-09-2013)

The welfare of dogs and cats in the EU - "Building a Europe that cares for companion animals"

A conference organised by the European Commission, in co-operation with the Lithuanian Presidency and with the support of Eurogroup for Animals, the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe and Vier Pfoten International on the welfare of dogs and cats in Europe will take place in Brussels on 28 October 2013.

The rise in the lucrative dog and cat commerce has given rise to certain problems: genetic selection, puppy farming, mutilations and inhumane disposal are just some of the issues that have far reaching consequences for dog and cat welfare, public health and consumer protection throughout the EU. Today, no harmonised EU legislation exists to addresses the welfare concerns of companion animals.

This first European conference seeks to provide stakeholders - government authorities, NGOs and those with a professional or personal interest - with an opportunity to discuss and reflect on the practical considerations that relate to companion animal welfare to tackle these issues.

The conference will also provide the platform to launch a study into the welfare of dogs and cats. Based on the outcome of the study and the conference conclusions, the Commission will consider what further action is necessary in order to improve animal welfare and information to consumers.

To participate and register, please visit: