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Public Health (16-12-2005)

Survey shows success of EU anti-smoking advertisements

The Commission has published the results of a post-test exercise on its "HELP" anti-smoking advertising campaign. The results are based on feedback from over 25 000 citizens surveyed on the EU anti-tobacco television ads, which were shown in all Member States in June and September 2005. Over half of young people (under 25 years) surveyed had seen the advertisements and the vast majority (83%) of them liked the campaign. The post-test results showed a good understanding (88%) of the messages behind the adverts and two thirds of young non-smokers declared that the adverts could deter them from starting to smoke. The results also provide feedback on the impact that the adverts had on smokers, of whom 61% said that the adverts made them think about their smoking, and 64% responded that it made them think about the impact of their smoking around non-smokers.

The Commission will launch a new wave of anti-smoking television adverts in early 2006.

Click here for the full report on the post-test of the advertising campaign.