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Public Health (11-06-2013)

Adherence to medical plans in old age, a public concern at EU level

As we get older, we may forget to take the medicine our doctor prescribes for us. More generally, we may stick to our medical plans erratically, or not at all, either due to forgetfulness or for other, more complex, reasons.

Why can this be a problem? What can the EU and Member States do about it? These two questions will be addressed at a conference organised by the European Commission in Brussels today. International participants with an interest in active and healthy ageing, will discuss various dimensions of this issue. For example:

  • patients as decision makers;
  • information to support prescription;
  • adherence in different diseases and situations, and
  • pharmacological treatment.

The conference should result in a clearer picture on whether a common ambition exists in the EU on adherence to medical plans in old age. If the answer is yes, then the main objectives would be to identify common approaches, and to help formulate strategies that address the complex nature of adherence.

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