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Public Health (22-05-2013)

Members of "investing in health" expert panel nominated today

An independent expert panel that will provide the European Commission with advice on effective ways of investing in health has been nominated today. Paola Testori Coggi, Director General of Health and Consumers at the European Commission, nominated 12 top-ranking experts and scientists to the Panel.

From Brussels, Paola Testori Coggi said "In today's economic climate when some national governments feel forced to cut their health budgets we must come up with common solutions for improving the cost-effectiveness and sustainability of health systems. The Commission has pledged to support cooperation between EU countries on health systems and to provide information and knowledge on efficient ways of investing in health. The expert panel appointed today shall support the Commission in identifying effective ways of investing in health and creating modern, responsive and sustainable health systems."

This panel will provide advice in fields such as health planning, budget prioritisation, health services research, hospital and healthcare management, healthcare provision and health education and promotion. The Commission will circulate advice from the panel to Member States. This advice will remain informal and non-binding.

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