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Consumers (22-03-2013)

EU/Russia: towards closer cooperation on consumer policy

Today, the European Commissioner for Health and Consumer policy, Tonio Borg and the Director-General for the Federal Service for Surveillance of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Well-Being for the Russian Federation, Dr. Genady Onishchenko signed an Administrative Memorandum of Understanding to cooperate in the field of consumer policy.

The Memorandum aims to gain a better understanding between the EU and Russia on regulatory approaches to consumer policy. The arrangement establishes a dialogue process; promotes mutual understanding of respective policies; contributes to the development of common approaches; sets objectives and provides a non-exhaustive list of potential areas for cooperation that to:

  • Consumer protection policies, laws and regulations;
  • Consumers economic interests;
  • Product safety issues;
  • Evidence-based policy, consumer education and redress;
  • Consumer interest representatives.

The Memorandum is a service-level administrative arrangement which does not create legally binding obligations on the parties nor does it constitute an agreement under international law. The Partnership and Cooperation Agreement that entered into force in 1997 (Article 55) regulates the political and economic relations between the EU and Russia provides for a gradual approximation of Russian legislation towards EU legislation.