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Food and Feed Safety (18-02-2013)

Impact Assessment findings on the establishment of fees for EFSA

A recent Commission Staff Working Document on the Impact Assessment on the possibility to establish fees for the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) concludes that the funding system in place should be maintained since within the current context none of the options proposing the introduction of fees would bring a clear benefit, either for EFSA or the EU institutions, or for stakeholders.

The main obstacles identified to the introduction of a global system of fees are:

  • The predominant system of generic authorisations in the food legislation (one applicant submits an authorisation dossier and pays a fee but all operators benefit from the authorisation);
  • The limited number of dossiers liable for fees;
  • The pre-existence of fees paid by industry for the same authorisation dossiers in some sectors;
  • The difficulty of adequately meeting the needs of 19 different sectors;
  • The fact that the introduction of fees could affect the perception of EFSA's independence.

The document was sent to the Council and the European Parliament at the beginning of February 2013 and follows a Report released in 2010 on the feasibility of putting forward a legislative proposal which would enable EFSA to charge fees for services rendered.

The Commission Staff Working Document is available at: