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Animal Health and Welfare (14-12-2005)

Avian Influenza: Conclusions of Chief Medical Officers and Chief Veterinary Officers meeting

Conclusions and recommendations from the meeting of European Chief Medical Officers (CMOs) and Chief Veterinary Officers (CVOs), which was hosted by the Commission in Brussels this week, are now online. The aim of this second meeting of EU medical and veterinary experts was to look at how measures to address the threat of avian influenza and possible human pandemic influenza could be improved. Among the recommended actions put forward by the CMOs and CVOs yesterday were:
  • Awareness campaigns on detecting and dealing with avian influenza for all poultry keepers
  • Continued coordinated efforts between the Commission and MemberStates in addressing the threats of avian and human influenza, to ensure that the most appropriate response is taken immediately in line with developments in the situation
  • The improvement of EU and national preparedness plans in line with the recent Commission Communications on generic and pandemic influenza preparedness, taking into account lesson learned through the pandemic simulation exercise carried out at the end of November
  • Further support for research and technological development with the aim of increasing knowledge on avian and human influenza and building up effective tools to tackle them
  • Sustained efforts by the Commission to help in coordinating a global response to avian influenza and a possible human pandemic, as well as providing assistance to affected and at-risk developing countries.
The meeting also discussed and endorsed guidelines on the protection of poultry workers against avian influenza (AI), put forward by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).
For the full conclusions of the meeting, see: