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Consumers (18-10-2012)

Online shopping - when things go wrong

On 24 October, the European Consumer Centres Network (ECC-Net) will hold a conference to address the major issues and ensuing complaints related to online shopping.

Between 2010 and 2011, the ECC-Net analysed over 31.000 consumer complaints on cross-border online shopping. The major problems reported by consumers dealt with faulty delivery and products, or in the case of fraud, with the impossibility for defrauded consumers to obtain redress.

The ECC-Net findings were compiled in their new report The European Online Marketplace Consumer Complaints 2010-2011 which will be presented in the first part of the conference.

Afterwards, fraud experts and representatives of the sector will address ways to protect consumers and help victims of fraud.

Working language: English

Registrations: free and open until 19 October at

Representation European Commission in Belgium
Archimedesstraat 73
1000 Brussels

Agenda of the conference available at: