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Other Issues (15-04-2005)

Commission Adopts New EU Health and Consumer Protection Programme

The Commission adopted an EU Public Health and Consumer Protection programme on April 6, within the overall framework of the draft 2007-13 Financial Perspectives. The proposed Programme combines and extends the current EU Public Health Programme and the current financing programme in support of EU consumer policy. Both common and specific objectives and actions for health and consumer protection policy are outlined in the draft Programme, and in consolidating the two programmes into one, the Commission aims to exploit synergies between health and consumer policies.

Common Actions

The Programme includes plans to improve Health and Consumer Protection information, strengthen the role of Health and Consumer organisations in the EU, further develop consultation mechanisms and link Health and Consumer policy more closely to other policy areas.

The new Public Health Programme’s Executive Agency will be extended to support all activities under the joint programme and include a Consumer Institute as a new department.


The three strands of the existing Public Health Programme – gathering and providing information, monitoring threats and tackling key health determinants – are reinforced.

Three new strands – delivering an efficient response to health threats, helping to prevent diseases, and fostering co-operation between health systems – are created. There will be a particular focus on bridging health inequalities, addressing ageing and children’s health.
Consumer Protection

Action areas in the existing consumer programme are strengthened and expanded, as are Community activities on developing knowledge and evidence base, enforcement cooperation, consumer education and capacity building for consumer organisations. There will be particular emphasis on consolidating the legal provisions developed under the current strategy and the completion of the review of the acquis.

The budget foreseen for the new Programme is € 1 203 million. The proposal for the Public Health and Consumer Protection programme will now be forwarded to the European Parliament and Council for adoption through co-decision procedure.

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