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Public Health (06-08-2012)

Call for experts in EMF

The Commission's independent Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks (SCENIHR) is looking for experts for its working group on "Potential health effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF)".

The call for expression of interest is launched today with deadline of 24 September 2012. To submit an application, please visit the dedicated webpage.

The European Commission has recently requested the SCENIHR to update its opinion of 2009 on the potential health impacts caused by EMF. The detailed mandate for this assessment can be found here.

To allow for a comprehensive assessment, experts in various scientific fields related to EMF are encouraged to apply. The SCENIHR is particularly interested in experts with relevant professional experience in the area of THz exposure and its biological effects as well as in the area of reproductive andrology. Experience in risk assessment issues would be an advantage.

Further information on SCENIHR and the European Commission's other non-food Scientific Committees can be found here.