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Consumers (07-05-2012)

Consumers: latest report on safety of products shows fewer dangerous items reaching EU markets

Brussels: We all like to be sure that the products we buy are safe. The good news is that fewer dangerous products are reaching the EU market since such products are now detected earlier and more effectively and removed more readily, thanks to the increasing effectiveness of the EU's rapid alert system for non-food dangerous products ("RAPEX"). The annual RAPEX report published today highlights the factors contributing to this success. This involves a chain of actions which includes upstream efforts to design out risks from the start at source, better risk assessment and close co-operation between EU authorities, notably customs, to identify risks at point of entry. In 2011, authorities notified 1803 cases in RAPEX relating to unsafe products which were stopped at the border or recalled from the market. Work with international partners to ensure safety at source is yielding results, in particular with China.