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Animal Health and Welfare (30-03-2012)

Animal Health: Commission hosts international scientific seminar to discuss “Schmallenberg Virus”

A Scientific Seminar on managing the impact of the Schmallenberg virus (SBV) will be hosted by the European Commission in Brussels on Monday 2 April 2012. This one day seminar aims to gather Member State experts, scientists, interested parties and representatives from non-EU countries. With over 30 non-EU countries invited, this seminar will mark a first opportunity for the Commission, Member States and non-EU countries to gather and openly discuss amongst other issues, the economic impact of SBV.

The wider objectives of this seminar are to present the latest scientific data on SBV, provide a platform for an exchange of views between international experts and present the risk management approach taken by the EU. Sharing information will contribute to reassure and dispel myths surrounding the Schmallenberg virus which is a newly recognised animal pathogen that can cause infection in some ruminants (cattle, sheep and goats).

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