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Public Health (20-12-2011)

Opinion on Fragrance allergens in cosmetic products – Public Consultation launched

Today, the European Commission and the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) launch a consultation on a scientific opinion on fragrance allergens. The consultation will run until 17 February 2012. Stakeholders are invited to send comments on the preliminary opinion here.

Allergy to fragrance ingredients is estimated to affect 1 to 3% of the European population. It can have a significant impact on quality of life. In 1999 the Commission's independent scientific committee identified 26 fragrance allergens relevant for consumers. Consequently, requirements were introduced for these substances to be listed individually on labels of cosmetic products and detergents. This makes it easier for doctors to diagnose allergies to fragrance ingredients and for patients to avoid products with ingredients that will trigger allergic reactions. The European Commission's current request to the SCCS is for an up-to-date review taking into account information that has emerged since 1999. This review will allow regulators to decide if the current list of fragrance allergens needs to be modified and whether safe limits could be established for the most frequent allergens.

For more information on the independent Scientific Committees and the risk assessment procedure, please visit: