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Consumers (29-11-2011)

Consumers to get faster, easier and cheaper solutions to disputes with EU traders

Out-of-court dispute resolution for consumers

You don't have to go to court if a seller refuses to repair your laptop which broke down under guarantee or you can't agree with a travel agent over a refund for a ruined holiday. That is, if you are lucky, because today, out-of-court dispute resolution in the EU is only possible for some business sectors or regions.

The Commission's new legislative proposals ensure that EU consumers can solve their contractual disputes with traders without going to court, regardless of where and how in the EU they bought the product or service in question.

In addition, for online shoppers from another EU country, the Commission wants to create an EU-wide single online platform to solve contractual disputes entirely online within 30 days.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) for consumers is faster, cheaper and easier than going to court. Universal access to quality ADR across the EU will save consumers an estimate of €22.5 billion a year.

It will also help businesses to manage their customer relations and boost their corporate image.

The Commission expects the new laws package to increase consumer confidence in the EU single market which offers wider choice and better prices.

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