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Food and Feed Safety (07-09-2011)

Commission invites stakeholders to register for the EU Plant Variety Rights Conference of October 11

The results of the evaluation of the Community Plant Variety Rights(CPVR) legislation and the way forward will be discussed at a Conference, organised by the European Commission in Brussels on October 11, and stakeholders interested in participating are invited to register by September 30.

The Conference on EU Plant Variety Rights in the 21st Century aims to gain a clear view on the position of the various stakeholder groups with regard to the recommendations made in the evaluation report.

The subject is of growing importance in light of the modern society's dual challenge of feeding a growing world population at a time when the globe experiences climate changes that will inevitably impact agriculture and livelihoods. New and improved plant varieties are pivotal in ensuring better yields and adaptability to changing climatic and environmental conditions, thereby contributing to long-term food security.

In addition, biological diversity is an essential source of material for breeding crops. Intellectual property rights, such as CPVR, foster the investment environment in the research and development of new and improved plant varieties to the benefit of farmers and society in general.

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