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Food and Feed Safety (04-04-2011)

EU updates list of imports of plant origin subject to rein forced border checks

Controls performed at European Union borders on the basis of a recently applied regulation continue to deliver results and, as a consequence, the EU is removing some products from, while adding others to, the list of imports of plant origin that are subject to an increased level of official controls at national level.

In particular, because of the satisfactory results reported by Member States following the four first quarters of the application of Regulation (EC) No. 669/2009, pears and courgettes from Turkey will be de-listed from the regulation's Annex I.

Furthermore, after careful evaluation of the latest scientific information available to the Commission's services, fresh chilli peppers from Thailand for the possible presence of pesticide residues will be listed.

Finally, the testing frequency currently applicable to groundnuts and derived products arriving from India will be increased from 10% to 20% in light of their higher degree of non-compliance with EU requirements.

The Commission presented a proposal to amend the annex the meeting of the Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health (SCoFCAH) on 4 April 2011, which endorsed the recommendations.

The amendments to Annex I apply to the newly listed imports and to the increase of control frequencies as of July 1, while de-listings should be effective at an earlier stage.

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