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Food and Feed Safety (13-05-2011)

Commissioner Dalli receives petition calling for initiatives of applied anthroposophy

Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy, John Dalli, met today with representatives of the European Alliance of Initiatives for Applied Anthroposophy (ELIANT) who handed him a petition signed by over 1 million European citizens inviting the European Commission to take action in support a number of initiatives of applied anthroposophy

Commissioner Dalli, taking note of the initiative, said: "I am committed to look seriously at the request made through this petition signed by over one million Europeans. ELIANT'S request is inspired by Art. 11 of the Lisbon Treaty and the recently adopted regulation on citizens' initiatives. I also pointed out that the Council and European Parliament regulation on citizens' initiatives (no. 211/2011) is not yet in force and only applies as of 1 April 2012."


"Anthroposophy" is a philosophy relating to humanity's cardinal spiritual questions and the need to relate to the world through a scientific attitude of mind in complete freedom based on purely individual decisions. "Applied anthroposophy" concerns the practical implications of anthroposophy.