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Public Health (25-11-2005)

Conference to discuss improving patient safety in the EU

A summit on patient safety, organised by the UK Presidency with the support of the Commission, will take place on the 28-30 November. The aim of the summit is to increase the commitment of Member States to improving patient safety, and to harmonising work on patient safety between the EU, World Health Organisation (WHO), and other key bodies.
In attendance at this summit will be Mr Fernand Sauer,  Director for Public Health and Risk Assessment, DG Health and Consumer Protection; Dr Otavi Quintana Trias, Health Director at DG Research, and Dr Lee Jong-Wook, Director General of the WHO. The opening session will set out current patient safety challenges and the need to support actions to address them. The most recent research in the area will be analysed and explained by top level experts in this field.   The issue of how education and training can influence future thinking in patient safety will be addressed on the second day of the summit and a cohesive European strategy will be drawn up.
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