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Animal Health and Welfare (21-03-2011)

Commission highlights role of livestock production in improving the quality of life in poor areas

The role of vets and farmers in Food Security and in fighting poverty will be discussed at a Conference in Ghana this week (March 21-25). The 5th Pan Commonwealth Vet Conference on "The Role of Veterinarians and Livestock Farmers in Food Security and Poverty Alleviation" is organised by the European Commission, the Commonwealth Veterinary Association and the Ghana Veterinary Association.

The conference, attended by 750 delegates from all over the world, aims to highlight the role of livestock production in improving the life of people in less privileged areas and especially in Africa. The event will focus on food safety and security, veterinary education, advances in veterinary science as well as the role of women in livestock development.

Specific sessions will be dedicated to "Animal Welfare: Animal Welfare Issues, Challenges and Opportunities" and to the "Welfare of Working Animals".

The Commission seeks to disseminate the meaning of animal welfare and its positive impacts on livestock production in developing countries.

The event's conclusions will be encompassed in future initiatives highlighting the relevance of including animal welfare in development projects in the less privileged areas.

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