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Consumers (24-02-2011)

Commission launches product safety pilot with safety authorities across continents

Today the European Commission, together with product safety authorities from Australia, Canada and the United States, launched a pilot project to improve the safety of products through bringing about highly-effective and closely-aligned safety requirements.

The pilot project covers selected products which can be dangerous for children:

  • corded window coverings;
  • chair-top booster seats;
  • baby slings.

In launching this project, the participants are looking to agree a common view of the hazards posed by these products and the safety measures required to manage these hazards.

Consensus-based safety requirements would be considered for implementation in each jurisdiction. The outcome would provide high level of safety and address the ambiguity that exists where a product is considered safe in one jurisdiction and hazardous in another.

This is also a response to the concern, as expressed by manufacturers, that differing product safety requirements add complexity to manufacturing and increase the risk of error.

The pilot project aims to deliver concrete results over the course of 2011 and 2012.


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