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Animal Health and Welfare (26-01-2011)

Commission prepares ground for second EU Animal Welfare Strategy (2011-2015) and organises stakeholder meeting

The European Commission is preparing the ground to update its animal welfare policies within the framework of the second five-year EU strategy on the protection and welfare of animals, which is to be adopted at the end of the year.

Next Monday, 31 January, an external consultant will present in Brussels the results of a study on the evaluation of the European Union's animal welfare policies. During the meeting, the Commission will present possible policy options for the EU Animal Welfare strategy for the period 2011-2015.

The Commission informed the Member States on the state of play of the ongoing impact assessment and the finalised evaluation during a meeting on 17 January 2011.

In November 2009, the Commission asked an external consultant to evaluate the EU policy on Animal Welfare with reference to farm animals, experimental animals, pet animals and wild animals, which are kept in captivity or submitted to treatments controlled by humans. The evaluation was completed in December 2010 and will be used as the basis for the new strategy (formerly known as EU action plan).

The first Community Action Plan (2006-2010) on the Protection and Welfare of Animals mirrored the Commission's commitment to EU citizens, stakeholders, the European Parliament and the Council by providing a clear map of the Commission's planned animal welfare initiatives for that period. The second strategy will follow this path and consultation of stakeholders will be taking place at all stages of the drafting process.

For more information on the EU's animal welfare policies, in general, and the evaluation in particular, please visit: