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Animal Health and Welfare (10-11-2010)

Commission promotes better implementation of legislation on pig welfare

Achieving better implementation of the existing EU legislation on the welfare of pigs is the main objective of a workshop organised by the European Commission and Europass 1 on November 11, 2010 in Parma, Italy. It is the second workshop of its kind and this year's event will build on the workshop on pig welfare that was held in Brussels in 2009.

The follow-up workshop was deemed necessary because Member States continue to face problems with the implementation of EU requirements. The workshop seeks to improve the welfare of pigs by avoiding, for example, routine tail docking, through the use of proper enrichment material and by ensuring adequate diets to dry pregnant sows. Also, the upcoming implementation of group housing of sows and gilts by 1 January 2013 is going to be part of the discussions in Parma.

The event will be held in Parma at the centre of one of the main European regions involved in pig production in order to emphasize the dissemination of information among all the interested parties in particular between pig producers, scientists and the meat industry.

During the workshop representatives of pig producers, academia, the pork meat industry, NGOs and experts from Member States will give presentations on various topics, such as best farming practices, the latest scientific research and economic studies on pig welfare.

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Europass is an organisation working with the European Food Safety Authority in order to disseminate scientific knowledge in the Region of Parma.