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Public Health (03-11-2010)

Conference: `Global Risk Assessment Dialogue´ – Registration now Open!

Today, registration opens for the 2nd International Conference on Risk Assessment: "Global Risk Assessment Dialogue". This Conference, organised by the European Commission's Directorate-General for Health and Consumers, takes place on 26-28 January 2011 in Brussels.
The conference brings together leading risk assessors in the EU and the main EU partner countries, notably the US and Canada. Its aim is to provide a forum for global dialogue on risk assessment principles, methods, criteria, practices and arrangements in the various jurisdictions around the world. The conference builds upon the Transatlantic Risk Assessment Dialogue launched in 2008 between the US, Canada and the EU.
The programme will revolve around several questions on risk assessment. For example: What are the needs and possible solutions for enhancing the role of risk assessment in risk governance? How can we reinforce the value of solid risk assessment? How can we integrate risk assessment practice in line with new scientific and policy developments?
For more information on the draft programme and registration, please go to the conference webpage following this link: