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Public Health (30-06-2010)

Open Health Forum: 29-30 June, Brussels

Opened in Brussels by Commissioner for Health & Consumers, John Dalli, the overall theme of the EU Open Health Forum 2010 is "Together for Health - a Strategy for the EU 2020".

This 2 day conference aims to contribute and increase the profile of health in all policies through discussion between EU policy makers and stakeholders on pressing public health issues. The video clip on "Health in All Policies" shown publicly for the first time at this conference can be seen here:

Where does health fit in with the concepts of "inclusive growth" and "sustainable growth"? How can we meet the coming challenges of an ageing Europe? How can we foster responsible innovation in health? What can we achieve together in health promotion and avoidance of preventable diseases, so that hospital beds stay empty? These are all questions that will be addressed during the conference which brings together nearly 600 participants.

The EU Open Health Forum is a Commission mechanism to promote interactions and feedback from stakeholders on the implementation of the EU Health Policy and to identify need for new policy initiatives. It also provides opportunities for networking and exchange of best practice in the implementation of public health policies at EU, national, regional and local level.

Website of the event: