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Public Health (04-06-2010)

Stakeholder Consultation: Strengthening European Union Pandemic Influenza Preparedness

The European Commission has launched a Stakeholder Consultation to seek the views of key stakeholders on what action the European Commission should take to strengthen European Union Pandemic Influenza Preparedness. The consultation paper and online questionnaire can be viewed at . The consultation closes on the 23 rd July 2010.

Pandemic preparedness at European level has traditionally focused on health sector preparedness although a pandemic has a much wider impact on society and affects other sectors as well. The November 2005 Commission Communication on Pandemic Influenza Preparedness and Response Planning in the European Union sets out roles, responsibilities and key tasks for the Commission, Member States and Community Agencies. However, the ability of the health sector to respond effectively to a pandemic is linked to the continued functioning of other sectors, for example energy, ICT and transport. In addition, a pandemic could have a negative impact on the wider economy.

The Council of European Health Ministers has asked the Commission to update the plan and to consider multi sectoral issues as part of the update. To help ensure that multi sectoral aspects are fully considered, the Commission encourages responses from sectors other than Health.

Responses are also particularly welcome from public authorities and organisations involved with pandemic preparedness and response at European level.

Further information can be obtained by emailing