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Animal Health and Welfare (07-05-2010)

Education as a tool to raise animal welfare awareness

Aiming to improve the exchange between animal welfare academics and practitioners, to discuss different methods of animal welfare education and to create a platform that facilitates a lively inter- and trans-disciplinary dialogue on animal welfare education, the European Commission, the Austrian Federal Ministry of Health and the association Tierschutz macht Schule organize a workshop in Vienna on May 10-11.

The "European Animal Welfare Education" workshop will focus on education as a tool to increase awareness on the importance of animal welfare. It will also strive to facilitate access to the learning programs on animal welfare.

The European Commission has already developed programs like Farmland, the animal welfare educational website for children from 9 to 12, or the Better Training for Safer Food initiative, targeting mainly veterinary officials.

The workshop's outcome will contribute to the shaping of the objectives and contents of the International Conference on Animal Welfare Education, scheduled for Oct. 1-2 in Brussels and organized by the Commission and the Belgian government which will then be holding the EU's Presidency.

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