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Food and Feed Safety (05-05-2010)

Mediterranean Member States discuss control and eradication of red palm weevil

A strategy to control and eradicate the red palm weevil, an insect which attacks palm trees, is being discussed by experts from all affected Member States today and tomorrow (May 5-6) during a conference in Valencia, Spain.
The red palm weevil, also known as Rhynchophorus ferrugineus (Olivier), is not native to Europe and was introduced to the EU through imports of palm plants for planting. It attacks a wide range of palm trees, including date, coconut and areca palms. The insect has been found in all Mediterranean Member States, causing concerns about the future of palms in these areas.
Experts from Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain are exchanging technical experiences and discussing best practices in combating the harmful insect. The outcome of the conference, co-organised by the Commission and the Spanish Presidency of the EU, shall contribute to an improved eradication strategy, which the Commission and the Member States shall discuss in Brussels next week.
The Commission first adopted emergency measures to better control the entry and spread of the insect in May 2007 (Decision 2007/365/EC).
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