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Health & Consumer Voice - October - 2011 Edition

Commissioner Dalli delivers first EU statement at UN General Assembly

On 19-20 September, government officials and top health experts met at the General Assembly of the United Nations’ (UN GA) high-level meeting on Non-Communicable Diseases in New York. This was the second time in history of UN GA that health was addressed after the meeting on AIDS in 2001. The EU was represented by Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy, John Dalli, and by Director-General for Health and Consumers, Paola Testori-Coggi.

EU Food Safety Day: Commissioner Dalli on food waste In the framework of the EU 2020 Resource Efficiency Flagship programme, the Commission is looking at how to minimise food waste and improve food packaging without compromising food safety.
Ex-smokers celebrate EU’s Unstoppable campaign Yesterday, it was Madonna, Colin Firth and the Queen. Today, these are twenty-seven inspirational ex-smokers who look at us from the covers of European newspapers. Thanks to the world renowned photographer, Rankin, who joined the European Commission’s (EC) cause, they have become the ambassadors of the EU’s “Ex-smokers are Unstoppable” campaign. The ambassadors were selected from thousands of applications on “Unstoppable’s” national Facebook pages for a photo-shoot with Rankin in London.
EU remains committed to finding alternatives to animal testing The EU remains committed to finding alternative approaches to animal testing for cosmetics according to the latest report on the Development, Validation and Legal Acceptance of Alternative Methods to Animal Tests.
More years, better lives: Addressing the ageing population For the first time, the EU Member States will work together to fund strategic research on ageing. The Joint Programming Initiative (JPI) will look at the challenges of demographic change.
Worried about flu? Get vaccinated And finally, you might still be waiting for summer to arrive but winter is just around the corner which for some means ‘flu’ season.