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Health & Consumer Voice - December - 2012 Edition

Tonio Borg to lead EU Health and Consumer Policy

Dr. Tonio Borg has been appointed as the new EU Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy. He left posts as Malta’s Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign Minister and Leader of the House of Representatives to join the team of European Commission President José Manuel Barroso on 28 November.

Celebrating food safety: EFSA@10 The European Food Safety Authority celebrated its 10th anniversary on 13 November with a high level conference at its headquarters in Parma, Italy. The event – “Ready for the challenges of tomorrow” – attracted experts in food safety from across the world.
New rules help cross-border organ donation New rules to help EU countries exchange valuable information about organs and their donors were adopted by the European Commission on 9 October. They include common guidelines for exchanging information on types of organ and the donor, such as age, gender and health history, as well as traceability information and reporting of serious adverse events and reactions.
Product safety: new ´Global Recalls Portal´ Imagine a one-stop-shop where consumers and authorities can find information on any non-food products taken off the market because they do not comply with EU and international safety requirements. Now it exists: a new «Global Recalls Portal», developed jointly by the EU and OECD, was launched in Brussels on 19 October as part of International Product Safety Week.
EU pushes health communication at Gastein «Informed patients are empowered patients,» was one of the European Commission’s key messages at this year’s European Health Forum Gastein (EHFG). The event – held in October under the title, «Health in an age of austerity» - attracted over 600 decision-makers from 45 countries for a debate on the future of the European health care system.
New action plans for active, healthy ageing Six action plans to keep older people healthy and active were presented at the first Conference of Partners of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing in Brussels on 6 November. The conference brought together key stakeholders from across the EU to look at ways to implement and ramp up innovations for active ageing.
Better monitoring of medicines from 2013 Pharmacovigilance - the science related to the detection, assessment, understanding and prevention of adverse reactions to medicines – will be stepped up in the EU following the adoption of new rules by the European Parliament and the Council on 25 October.