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Health & Consumer Voice - September/October - 2012 Edition

Patient safety: Commission proposes tighter rules for medical devices

Two new proposals to boost safety, efficiency and innovation in medical devices and in vitro diagnostic devices were adopted by the European Commission on 26 September. They will increase patient safety and make the legal framework for medical devices stronger, more transparent and better adapted to scientific and technological progress.

EU and Barça team up against smoking The European Commission and FC Barcelona have joined forces to help Europeans kick their smoking habit. With tobacco accounting for nearly 700 000 premature deaths per year in the EU, both parties want to do their bit to reduce smoking and tobacco-related disease and death.
Gold for «Ex-smokers» at advertising awards For the first time in history, an EU institution has been awarded the prestigious Euro Effie award for marketing communication.
Boosting use of the small claims procedure European consumers are missing out on the benefits of the EU’s Small Claims Procedure because it remains relatively unknown and poorly enforced, despite being a quick, easy and efficient way to resolve cross-border disputes.
Proposal for clearer rules on pollen in honey Pollen should be considered a natural constituent of honey – not an ingredient - according to a European Commission proposal adopted on 21 September.
EU adopts list of approved food flavourings Flavouring substances in food will become even safer and more transparent following the adoption of new rules by the European Commission on 1 October.
Vet week focus on animal health economics The EU’s annual vet week conference brought together vets, policy makers and senior experts from across the world under this year’s theme: «Economics of animal health: a price worth paying?»