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Health & Consumer Voice - July - 2011 Edition

Food labelling finally a reality!

After four years of discussions, food labeling information is set to become simple, clear and more transparent following the agreement on the new EU legislation reached on 6th July.

Commission proposes new legislation for specialised foods The European Commission proposed rules on foods for consumers with specific nutritional needs – i.e. infants under the age of three and people with particular medical conditions. These so-called “specialised” foods consist mostly of infant and baby formula, food for medical purposes e.g. diabetes patients, young children cereal-based food etc.
Commission extends ban on novelty lighters to May 2012 Novelty and other cigarette lighters, which are not child resistant, have been banned on the EU market for another year in a continued effort to protect children.
New video: fight against fake medicines As part of its ongoing campaign against fake medicines, the European Commission has published a new video in which Commissioner John Dalli explains the problem of fake medicines and the wide range of actions taken at EU level to protect European citizens
E. coli update: EU keeps monitoring situation closely The outbreak of Shiga toxin-pro¬ducing Escherichia coli bacteria (STEC), first identified in Germany in May, is monitored closely by the EU. Meetings between officials from the EU, national authorities and relevant EU scientific bodies take place on a daily basis as part of the ongoing co-ordinated response to contain the outbreak and keep the public up to date with latest developments.
Commission acts to protect Member States from tapeworm A new regulation permitting the pre-movement treatment of dogs travelling to listed Member States claiming Echinococcus (tapeworm) free status will apply from 1 January 2012, following its adoption by the Commission on 14 July.
Holiday trouble? The European Consumer Centre can sort it out! Holiday didn’t go as planned? Lost luggage? Cancelled flight? The European Consumer Centre (ECC) can help you, providing free support and advice on citizens’ rights when travelling or shopping abroad. In 2010 alone, the ECC handled over 70 000 files, providing advice on a range of issues from mobile phone roaming charges, shopping online to claiming money back for cancelled flights.
Emergency? Dial 112 Need police, medical assistance or the fire service? 112 is the European emergency services number, reachable from fixed and mobile phones anywhere in the EU, free of charge.
Don’t forget your EU health card! If you’re off on holiday or just going away more generally this summer, don’t forget your European Health Care Card.
Last word: use your sunscreen correctly Sunscreen products are fully effective only if used in sufficient quantity. To protect the whole body of an average-sized adult, 35 grams of sunscreen needs to be applied.