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Health & Consumer Voice - December - 2012 Edition

Product safety: new ´Global Recalls Portal´

Imagine a one-stop-shop where consumers and authorities can find information on any non-food products taken off the market because they do not comply with EU and international safety requirements. Now it exists: a new «Global Recalls Portal», developed jointly by the EU and OECD, was launched in Brussels on 19 October as part of International Product Safety Week.

It was presented by Paola Testori-Coggi, the European Commission’s Director-General for Health and Consumers, Rintaro Tamaki, OECD Deputy Secretary General and Inez Tenenbaum, Chairman of the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission as «a case for joining forces to be better able to tackle product safety issues and boost consumer confidence in the global marketplace.»

Consumers can check the portal for product safety alerts, businesses can track emerging hazards across the world and governments can share key information quickly and easily.

3000 product recall notices are expected to be issued each year.

Want an example?

Product: toy

Name: Lovely phone

Made in: China

Recall: 27/07/12


  • hearing damage (sound level)
  • chemical (the battery compartment is easily opened)

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