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Health & Consumer Voice - December - 2012 Edition

Celebrating food safety: EFSA@10

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The European Food Safety Authority celebrated its 10th anniversary on 13 November with a high level conference at its headquarters in Parma, Italy. The event – “Ready for the challenges of tomorrow” – attracted experts in food safety from across the world.

EFSA was set up in 2002 in the wake of various food-related crises, including salmonella and BSE, or “mad cow disease”. Its role is to provide independent scientific advice and technical support for EU policy in all areas that have a direct or indirect impact on food and feed safety. It also plays an important role in communicating food safety information and risks associated with the food chain.

EFSA has made a significant contribution to EU progress in crucial food safety areas, including:

  • reduction in Salmonella cases,
  • limitation of exposure to food contaminants,
  • evaluation of pesticides and safe levels for their residues,
  • evaluating food and feed safety,
  • examining the scientific basis for food claims.

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