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Health & Consumer Voice - September/October - 2012 Edition

EU adopts list of approved food flavourings

Flavouring substances in food will become even safer and more transparent following the adoption of new rules by the European Commission on 1 October.

They include a list of over 2 100 authorised food flavouring substances as well as another 400 substances that are currently being evaluated by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). These may remain on the market until risk assessment and risk management is concluded.

The list will apply from 22 April 2013, after which date all other flavouring substances will be banned. It will be available in a public, on-line database that will allow consumers, food businesses and national food authorities to easily identify which substances are authorised.

A flavouring substance may only be authorised if it:

Small claims procedure:

  • Poses no risk to consumer health, on the basis of available scientific evidence;
  • Does not mislead the consumer.

Commissioner Dalli referred to the decision as a “landmark adoption” that “follows years of efforts to strengthen food safety in the EU.”

Flavouring substances have a long history of safe use in a wide variety of foods including drinks, sweets, cereals, cakes and yoghurts.

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