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Health & Consumer Voice - July - 2011 Edition

Commission acts to protect Member States from tapeworm

A new regulation permitting the pre-movement treatment of dogs travelling to listed Member States claiming Echinococcus (tapeworm) free status will apply from 1 January 2012, following its adoption by the Commission on 14 July.

Before travel to one of the four Mem­ber States currently listed – Finland, Ireland, Malta and the United King­dom – dogs will have to receive a specific treatment administered by a vet which must be documented in the animal’s passport. The animal will then be able to travel from 24 hours to five days after the treatment.

To appear on the list of Echinococcus free countries, Member States must introduce surveillance programmes and report the find­ings to the Commis­sion once a year. Any positive findings should be communicated immedi­ately however.

Typically, transmission of Echinococ­cus multilocularis occurs when an infected rodent is eaten by a dog. It is found throughout the northern hemisphere but has never been re­corded in certain parts of the EU.

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