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Health & Consumer Voice - March - 2011 Edition

Conference on Childhood Immunization in Budapest

The Hungarian Presidency will host a high-level conference entitled “For a Healthy Future of Our Children – Childhood immunization” in Budapest on 3-4 March 2011. The goal of the conference is to increase awareness about the importance of achieving and maintaining high childhood immunization coverage, in order to strengthen the prevention and control of vaccine preventable disease. Commissioner Dalli will address the audience with opening remarks by a video message.

On the occasion of this conference, the impact of childhood immunization across EU will be discussed and experiences from efforts to reach under-vaccinated populations will be shared. The conference will review cross-border issues related to childhood immunization, and strategies for vaccinating mobile and difficult-to-reach children will be identified. The event will also aim at exploring further opportunities for EU collaboration on childhood immunization.

Senior national public health experts, including national immunization programme managers and national epidemiologists from the EU and the European Economic Area (EEA) and EU candidate/potential candidate countries, as well as representatives of professional associations and non-governmental organisations will take part to the event.

The topics addressed by the conference are in line with the planned Commission's initiative of a proposal for a Council Recommendation on cross-border aspects of childhood immunization. This initiative will aim at seeking a political commitment to strengthen and maintain high childhood vaccination coverage for priority vaccine preventable diseases, and will also provide recommendations to tackle the main causes of insufficient vaccination coverage.

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