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Health & Consumer Voice - December - 2008 Edition

Global Health Security Initiative

The next ministerial week of the Global Health Security Initiative is taking place in Brussels on - 5 December 2008, hosted by the European Commission.

The Global Health Security Initiative (GHSI) is an informal, international partnership among like-minded countries to strengthen health preparedness and response globally to threats of biological, chemical, radio-nuclear terrorism (CBRN) and pandemic influenza.



This Initiative was launched in November 200by Canada, the European Union, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the United Kingdom and the United States. The World Health Organization serves as an expert advisor to the GHSI. The GHSI was envisaged as an informal group to fill a gap for like-minded countries to address health issues of the day, such as global health security. The Initiative was not intended to replace, overlap or duplicate existing forums or networks.

Since its start, the Global Health Security Initiative has been successful in developing a large number of new and innovative initiatives to support our joint efforts in the area of health security and public health preparedness. During this year’s ministerial week important global challenges are being addressed and ways to strengthen collaboration in health security are being defined, with the common goal of making the world safer for citizens.

For further details on GHSI please consult: