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Health and Consumers



One country's health security is everybody's health security. - Commissioner Tonio Borg


The future consequences of obesity must be minimized; public actors must step up; and industry must play a role. – Commissioner Tonio Borg


9 in every 10 cases of diabetes is Type II which is largely preventable and closely linked to over-nutrition and insufficient physical activity. – Commissioner Tonio Borg


No health system in the EU is sustainable unless it is reformed. – Commissioner Tonio Borg


The EU is fully engaged in the fight against Ebola


Ebola: Our responsibility, indeed our obligation, is to work tirelessly in order to isolate the disease and not the countries. – Commissioner Tonio Borg


Commissioner Borg delivers speech on 'bridging health inequalities'


Commissioner Borg delivers a statement on the Prevention & Control of Non-Communicable Diseases


Commissioner Borg delivers speech on the crucial objective of ensuring safe and efficient healthcare in Europe.


In the European Union alone, drug resistant infections are estimated to cause 25,000 patient deaths each year; and trigger 1.5 billion Euro extra healthcare costs and productivity losses. – Commissioner Tonio Borg


Thanks to this voluntary Agreement, we will improve our preparedness and response capacity against cross-border threats, including pandemics – Commissioner Tonio Borg


Conference organised by the european Commission "Frailty in old age: Identifying priorities for a EU policy"


If we do not take decisive action on obesity now, we will be asked by future generations why did we not act sooner and give more priority to this societal challenge. – Commissioner Tonio Borg


The Commission will continue to strongly support therapeutic innovation – a positive investment for a better future for European patients and research alike. – Commissioner Tonio Borg


Commissioner Tonio Borg speaks about the future of healthcare in Europe.


Give Health an e-Chance


Il mese scorso la Commissione Europea ha presentato un piano d'azione sull'HIV/AIDS...... La Commissione si è impegnata ad aiutare gli Stati Membri nella lotta contro l'epatite — un compito complesso e impegnativo – Commissario Tonio Borg


The Commission has just put forward last month an Action Plan on HIV/AIDS…… The Commission is committed to helping Member States fight Hepatitis – a complex and challenging mission - Commissioner Tonio Borg


Around 80% of care across the EU is provided by families, friends and other informal carers. – Commissioner Tonio Borg


Much of the burden of cardiovascular diseases – up to 80% of cases – is preventable. This is common knowledge. – Commissioner Tonio Borg


Our comprehensive approach to bee health is essential in ensuring better bee health for the future, to avoid duplication of effort and to exploit to the full knowledge already gained. - Commissioner Tonio Borg


In the EU, chronic diseases account for 70 to 80% of all healthcare costs – more than €700 billion every year. – Commissioner Tonio Borg


The provision of good quality healthcare relies on a skilled and highly-motivated health workforce. – Commissioner Tonio Borg


We need well-coordinated action across policy areas and society to stop the burden of chronic disease from expanding further in Europe. - Commissioner Tonio Borg


The future health of bee populations is critically dependant on our ability to forge a sustained and effective partnership among a wide range of actors at many levels in all countries the world over. – Commissioner Tonio Borg


The revised Tobacco Products Directive reflects a common goal of doing the best for people's health and well-being


I am committed to fighting discrimination and stigma in health. – Commissioner Tonio Borg


To fight HIV/AIDS we must eliminate all forms of discrimination […] and foster access to diagnosis and treatment. – Commissioner Tonio Borg


Europe's success as an innovative, productive and competitive economy depends on healthy brains and healthy minds. – Commissioner Tonio Borg


Our aim is to improve the prospects of cancer patients through appropriate and timely diagnosis, information and care. – Commissioner Tonio Borg


Many of the challenges that health systems face today had been there for a long time before the crisis. […] in many respects the crisis served to bring these challenges to the fore earlier. – Commissioner Tonio Borg


The increasing burden of diabetes in Europe calls for a serious, deep and sustained joint effort. – Commissioner Tonio Borg


Promoting equal treatment and combating discrimination against persons with both physical and mental disabilities has long been a cornerstone of EU policy. – Commissioner Tonio Borg


Commissioner Borg delivers speech on rare diseases – Commissioner Tonio Borg


Valentine’s Day is a good day to talk about love and care for our loved ones….and cancer. – Commissioner Tonio Borg


Strict enforcement of our current laws on animal welfare is the principal way forward! – Commissioner Tonio Borg


Commissioner Borg delivers speech on Research & Innovation Opportunities in Malta


4th European Epilepsy Day – Commissioner Tonio Borg


Launch of the European Cancer Patients' Bill of Rights – Commissioner Tonio Borg


Thanks to a transparent regulatory framework, the EU is a main food exporter and importer. – Commissioner Tonio Borg


We know that differences in social and economic conditions are major drivers of inequalities in health – Commissioner Tonio Borg


To provide high quality healthcare for all citizens – now and for generations to come – we need high-performing, efficient, sustainable health systems. – Commissioner Tonio Borg


Reconciling the social foundation of health systems with the hard financial and budgetary reality is not easy. – Commissioner Tonio Borg


The EU will provide € 1 billion over 10 years to fund the Human Brain Project, which should help develop new treatments for dementia and other brain diseases. – Commissioner Tonio Borg


600,000 people in the EU die from respiratory diseases every year. – Commissioner Tonio Borg


The health sector has been built on innovation – and indeed innovation will be central to its future success. – Commissioner Tonio Borg


The 'International Association for the Study of Obesity', estimates conservatively that more than 20 000 obese children in the European Union now have type II diabetes, while over 400 000 have impaired glucose tolerance. – Commissioner Tonio Borg


Focus must move away from hospital-centred, reactive, disease-focused care, towards a pro-active, community-based model of prevention and continuous disease management, with the participation of the patient. – Commissioner Tonio Borg


Solidarity in healthcare means sharing the risk of health costs amongst young and old, healthy and sick, rich and poor, working and unemployed; and also between present and future generations. – Commissioner Tonio Borg


We must continue to work towards our shared goals of sustainable, patient-centred health systems with equal access to good health for all European citizens. – Commissioner Tonio Borg


The increasing burden of diabetes calls for a serious and sustained debate on how we can adapt our health policies, improve our health and social systems and increase public awareness of the challenge ahead. – Commissioner Tonio Borg


We need to find solutions to overcome discrimination affecting especially LGBTI – who suffer worse health, poorer access to healthcare and often hide their identity fearing stigma and discrimination. – Commissioner Tonio Borg


Some 80% of cardiovascular diseases are to a large extent preventable. – Commissioner Tonio Borg


Patients' rights in cross-border healthcare – Commissioner Tonio Borg


Studies have shown that strong primary care systems contribute to higher satisfaction amongst patients and reduced spending on healthcare. – Commissioner Tonio Borg


Sleeping or not sleeping at the wheel can make the difference between life and death. – Commissioner Tonio Borg


Commissioner Borg addresses a public hearing on "Official controls along the food chain"


I applaud the thousands of professionals who, day and night, are on call to bring emergency care to individual patients, whenever and wherever the need arises. – Commissioner Tonio Borg


Good mental health is central to our quality of life, for learning, for working, for social interaction; for living. – Commissioner Tonio Borg


The time has come to take decisions. To deliver – together – on our commitment to strengthen European law on tobacco products. – Commissioner Tonio Borg


We still have a significant task ahead in shifting the current predominant perception of health away from "cost" and towards "value". – Commissioner Tonio Borg


Everybody should have access to good quality healthcare regardless of gender, age, race, sexual orientation, disease, social status, education, or country of residence. – Commissioner Tonio Borg


Now is a critical stage of the Commission's mandate as it is certainly the time to tie-up the loose ends on our existing commitments. - Commissioner Tonio Borg


Patient empowerment contributes to the success of a healthcare system – Commissioner Tonio Borg


Cancer is not something that happens only to others. It happens to everybody: our family members, friends, neighbours, colleagues. – Commissioner Tonio Borg


The European Commission's approach to animal welfare today is a more holistic one: we want to develop complementary initiatives that consider other elements beyond the rules alone.


It is estimated that alcohol contributes to 60 thousand underweight births per year in the EU alone and this increases the risks of certain health conditions in later life. – Commissioner Tonio Borg


Our goal is to help reduce morbidity and mortality related to Hepatitis B and C, and its socioeconomic impact. – Commissioner Tonio Borg


The uptake of digital technology is crucial towards meeting the major challenges facing us today – Commissioner Tonio Borg


I strongly believe that health is a value in itself and a crucial component to secure greater economic prosperity – Commissioner Tonio Borg


Commissioner Tonio Borg delivers an opening speech at the roundtable discussion with national representatives from the Eurotransplant Countries


... the Union fully recognises that there are complementary and alternative medicines with particular characteristics which go beyond the concept of conventional medicinal products. – Commissioner Tonio Borg


The Commission remains committed to tackling nutrition, overweight and obesity. – Commissioner Borg


The ´One Health´ concept recognises that health, well-being and welfare are closely linked for animals and humans. – Commissioner Tonio Borg


Commissioner Borg delivers speech at the launch of the Consumer Credit Information Campaign in Malta


HIV AIDS and Human Rights: The urgent need to overcome stigma and discrimination


Commissioner Borg delivers a keynote address at the EUFAMI Annual Conference "A Perfect Vision for Mental Health 2020"


Commissioner Borg delivers a speech on stronger enforcement of consumer protection rules across the European Union


Commissioner Borg delivers his opening address at the launch of the EU consumer credit information campaign


Commissioner Borg delivers a speech on Alternative Dispute Resolution and Online Dispute Resolution


Commissioner Borg delivers a speech on inspiring consumers


Commissioner Borg delivers an opening speech at the European Patients' Forum 10th Anniversary Conference


Commissioner Borg addresses BEUC – The European Consumers' Organisation - on the occasion of its General Assembly


Joint Statement by Commissioners Andris Piebalgs (Development), Máire Geoghegan-Quinn (Research and Innovation) and Tonio Borg (Health and Consumer) on the eve of the World Malaria Day


The Consumer Agenda reflects our fundamental objective which is to put consumers at the very heart of the Single Market – Tonio Borg


Growing older need not necessarily be synonymous with increased ill-health – Commissioner Borg


Too often health is perceived as a cost, and not an asset for the future. – Commissioner Borg


"Consumers often find financial services complex and difficult to understand!" – Commissioner Borg addresses the ESBG Seminar on "Financial Education – Renewing Efforts"


"We have a duty to take proportionate action to protect the health of bees". Commissioner Borg addresses the Agriculture and Fisheries Council


A high level of preventable premature illness and mortality in men can be addressed


"Consumers are required to make ever more complex choices" warns Commissioner Borg


"Healthcare has to become more sustainable, if we want to abide by our vision of equal access


"500 million European consumers represent one of the most important markets in the world" – Commissioner Borg addresses the opening ceremony for European Consumer Day


Commissioner Borg delivers a speech at the European Consumer Centres (ECC) Networking Event


Statement by Health & Consumer Policy, Tonio Borg, following the French authorities' announcement on their horsemeat investigation


Commissioner Borg proposes Member States a coordinated control plan on horsemeat


´Energy consumption is not optional. Energy must therefore be affordable to European citizens to meet their basic needs.´– Commissioner Borg addresses the 2013 Annual Conference of the Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER)


´We need interoperable systems to fulfil the potential of eHealth across the whole of Europe.´ – Commissioner Borg addresses the Northern Ireland Health and Prosperity event at the European Parliament


Commissioner Borg delivers speech on "Preventing human pandemics by improving animal health"


Commissioner Borg delivers speech on the "Fight against cancer: What role does the EU play?"


Tobacco Products Directive: Making tobacco products and smoking less attractive