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My name is Claudia. I am German and I have been working at the European Commission in Brussels since I was 25. I feel very strongly about the rights of Europeans to take control of their own health and lifestyle when it comes to making food choices.

That is why I have chosen to work on the labelling of food products to give Europeans the necessary information to know what they are eating. My particular interest is in the area of health and nutrition claims. I would like to see rules on the EU level to make sure that companies have a basis for the claims they make on food (for example "low in fat" or "reduces your risk of heart disease").

My colleagues work on related legislation including general rules about labelling and rules about specific products like beef or genetically modified foods. Another important area is the labelling of products likely to give trouble to people with allergies - such as allergies to nuts, eggs or soya.

I know that many people worry not only about what they are eating but also about whether or not their food is safe or if it is contaminated in some way. People worry about things like chemicals or pesticides in their food as well as issues like BSE.

At DG Health and Consumer Protection I have colleagues committed to working on all these issues as well as many others.