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Environment DG

Evaluation in DG Environment

Evaluation is defined as "the judgement of interventions according to their results, impacts and needs they aim to satisfy".

Through its new Communication: "Responding to Strategic Needs: Reinforcing the use of evaluation" [SEC(2007)213], the Commission has reiterated its commitment towards evaluation of all its activities as an additional key element for better regulation and strategic programming.

DG Environment aims to ensure that evaluation is an integral part of the policy cycle, with evaluation results feeding into development of better policy. As an independent assessment of the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness and value added of policy development and policy implementation, evaluation is an important part of the policy cycle.

The Directorate F, F1 Resource Efficiency & Economic Analysis ensures careful co-ordination of evaluation activities within DG Environment and participates actively in the Commission’s Evaluation Network. The Unit also offers guidance to others in the DG on how to maximise the use of evaluation results to improve policy making and implementation.

If you would like more information on the way evaluation is conducted in DG Environment, please send us an e-mail.

Evaluation Reports in the field of Environment